Do You Need A Sandwich Labelling Machine?

Published: 26th June 2006
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If you are in the business of making sandwiches, you may be wondering if a
sandwich labelling machine makes
sense for your operation. Although the final decision regarding the purchase of
a sandwich labelling machine will inevitably boil down to your own unique
circumstances and personal preferences, there are few considerations that may
help you make a decision. Let's look at some of the clues that may help you
decide if you need a sandwich labelling machine:


Volume is probably one of the most critical factors in the sandwich labelling
machine equation. If you are not in a high volume business, it may make more
sense to rely upon hand application of labels. However, if your volume has
reached the point where that has become more difficult or if you anticipate
future growth that will make hand-labelling inefficient, a sandwich labelling
machine might be just what your business needs.

Employee Costs

To some extent, a sandwich labelling machine will be replacing human personnel.
Although the machine will require a level of supervision, it will be displacing
someone who is currently hand-labelling. This can be a good way to increase
efficiency and better utilize personnel. Generally speaking, one will post
substantial cost savings by automating the process that will allow for the cost
of the sandwich labelling machine to be recouped rather quickly. However, in
some rare cases where labour costs are manageable, it may make sense to rely on
hand-labelling instead.


If using a sandwich labelling machine promises to allow for greater uniformity
and quality in labelling, you
might want to begin shopping. Better label application means a better looking
product and that increases sales figures. Additionally, a reliable sandwich
labelling machine can eliminate the need for inefficient re-labelling and

If you are considering a sandwich labelling machine, consider your business'
volume, the cost of alternatives and the likelihood of quality improvements.
These factors should help you decide if you should automate your sandwich
labelling process.

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